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Thank you for being part of the exciting VersusVirus movement. This Wiki site helps you to navigate in the VersusVirus world of online Hackathons, Incubators, Marketplaces  and many more happenings based on a collaborative, Swiss wide effort to fight the Virus and its impact on society, economy, social live - on us. 

Navigating the VersusVirus World

General Information for the public is on our main website

We use Slack for Hackathon and Incubator communication within the teams and between the teams and the organisers

To register for any Hackathon, please register with "the App"

The projects from the first Hackathon are uploaded on Devpost at

Here on this Wiki, we have posted all procedural information on the Hackathons and Incubators. It is a working, living space where changes happen often and information can be searched

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